The Most Complete Line-up of Large Machines

Many large part manufacturers acknowledge Mitsubishi as the leader in large machine manufacturing.

Since the development of our first Horizontal Boring Mill ( MIB Machine ) in 1960, Mitsubishi has continued to develop and produce a variety of large machine tools in both vertical and horizontal configurations.

In 1966, Mitsubishi developed a Gantry-Type "Planomatic", followed by a Floor-Type HBM "MAF" in 1967, Bridge-Type "MVA" in 1976 and "M-VR" in 1984, and a Table-Type HBM "M-HT" in 1986. 

In 1986, Mitsubishi also produced on of the largest machines in the world, the "Super Miller", with a column width of 13.3 m (523.6 in) and travels of X = 32.5 m (1279.5 in), Y = 12.7 m (500.0 in), Z = 3.5 m (137.8 in), and W = 7 m (275.6 in).

In 2003, Mitsubishi introduced the new "MVR" as the best cost performance 5-face Bridge-Type machine. 

Every Mitsubishi machine is built to provide high speed, high power and high productivity to meet the demands of today's competitive machining market. Please inquire how Mitsubishi Large Machines can meet your manufacturing needs.

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